Monday, 10 December 2012

Little People Dreams

When I was little, Dad took my brother and I to the "Vocational Guidance Centre", a place where as a kid you looked at all sorts of jobs, and started the life long path to these jobs... however at five years old I thought - isn't this all a little premature?...damn all I want to do is eat ants, and make whistles out of grass.

What I did find out at the wise young age was that I wanted to be a Pilot, no my brother wanted to be a Pilot...a Flight Attendant?... No A VET!... then something struck me, I would have to inject that blue liquid of doom... it was at that moment that I backed well away from becoming a Vet, hell no!

I left dreaming of the jobs that would be to come for a while, primary school beckoned.

Fast forward to when I was 10, whether it was the dreamer in me, or the interestingly complex life so far, I sought an escape, the sky is where it was, to be precise - the night sky... I found Astronomy! That was it as far I was concerned.

The mystery that Astronomy offered me was like the mysteries of grown-ups but without the yuck factor, why did they "snuggle" and do things like kiss for fun? oh god yuck!

It was at this point that I started designing space ships out of empty toilet rolls and tinfoil...didn't you too?

My discoveries came fast about this time, I found out about The Mayan people of Central America, how they were amongst the first Astronomers of the planet and that their ability with mathematics was preposterously amazing. This was to change my life.

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